Transgender Pide Day Ball Gown

One of the events commemorating the Transgender Pride day at EA, was the Gown Ball. Under the coordination of Miss Stacy Hamilton e Miss Toni Nightingale.

The event had a beauty pageant. Beauty Contest is not the best word to describe the contest, Femininity describes it much better.

Numerous Ladies from EA community and guests attended to event.

The large majority of ladies present came forward on stage, including me. Below a photo of some. Sorry if I did not put the names, it's because I have not noted, was so nervous. My fault.

I'm sorry ladies but I found this the prettiest of all, my wife Mikki.

But I make a suggestion, why not add a comment with the name and anything else you want.

As I mentioned, until I took part on stage.

It was the first time I participated in a competition of this kind, loved it!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to live a new pleasurable experience.
Look how it went:
Well HELLO Miss Mars, welcome to the Dream House :) Let’s see what you've got for us :), ask Miss Stacy Hamilton
Well, not long ago I was a Femboy did not like dresses, wore only required.
Until a beautiful girl stole my heart and changed me
And I’m liking this very much
My dress is from Purple Moon
Love the one leg look ..., comment Miss Toni Nightingale

My hair form Vedra Bernard, a Brazilian site.
My skin is Naome Redgrave
Miss Stacy Hamilton ask me: Now what is it that you LOVE most about being TG?

Well, I not think me as a TG, I think most like a crossdresser, but its can change.
What do you like about Crossdressing? Ask me Miss Tooni Nightingale

The gestures, the way of life, can show my inner girl

For me this was an amazing experience. Very few places made me feel at home as here. Again, thank you all for such a warm welcome.


Marta Mars


  1. I'm agree with you Miss Marta, Mikki is too cute.

    1. A secret
      I will ask to marry her
      Mara Mars