She is a post-op transsexual, conceited, love fashion and Teaching.

In a beautiful fall afternoon, on the porch of his house, we had a delightful chat. Where we talk about the present, past and future. And a little about feelings too.

With you Miss Linda Kelly.

Teaching at EA is her passion; her way of give back for all that EA did for her.

As usual, she discovered EA after a search. Explored the place, saw what EA had to offer for her and decided: EA was a place I'd like to be a part”.

Without loss of time, submitted an application the Miss Candi and was delighted I was accepted for enrolment.

She loved he time as a student. Her graduation was a door for a new chapter in her life. Became one of the teachers at EA.

I love the students at EA, I enjoy how each are different but all have something in common.

“I really enjoy teaching Freshman Classes. I get lots of questions from freshman students eager to learn as much as possible and I really like how that feels. But all the classes are enjoyable and it doesn't matter if it's sophomore through to Senior, I enjoy them all”

When asked what she would dream of performing in SL, The Emasculate Academy is strongly present.

“It has to be a dream for EA, Because EA is so unique with the SL transgender community my dream is that it continues to grow and be recognised for the work it does in supporting and educating on transgender related issues and topics and long may it continue :)”

Besides teaching, what you enjoy doing?

“I know this is a popular answer but the first thing I enjoy doing is shopping!! giggles who could blame me when so many great fashion designers in SL :) and I also enjoy clubbing with friends. Always good to get out and dance for a while.”

‘I have to say that my future will be continuing to be an instructor at EA. I don't have any plans to look elsewhere as I have found a place that I can call home at EA but who knows what the future holds’

Thank you very Much Miss Kelly for this interview. You would like to say something more to our readers?

“Everyone at EA has been fantastic. I have made the most wonderful friends anyone could have, including yourself Marta, but I must mention that Miss Candi, Dean Karma and Dr Taylor have been always there for me with endless help and support and for that I am so grateful. All students past and present and Faculty members are family to me and always will be”

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