She is a post-op transsexual, conceited, love fashion and Teaching.

In a beautiful fall afternoon, on the porch of his house, we had a delightful chat. Where we talk about the present, past and future. And a little about feelings too.

With you Miss Linda Kelly.

EA Fall Fashion Show

A night full of Fashion and Glamour.
Where several trends for next fall / winter were shown.

She Has Many Talents

When she first came to SL in 2008, she was not completely comfortable. Preferred to change and be herself, not pretending be a female

She is Miss Karma Breen, The Dean of Academics in Emasculata Academy

A Special Day

Yesterday Ea has two new important Events, was Beatrice freshman Final and A new Student, Nikki.

Sparkle the National Transgender Celebration

Will happen In the Village area of Manchester, from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th July, 2013

Sparkle The National Transgender Celebration.

Transgender Pide Day Ball Gown

One of the events commemorating the Transgender Pride day at EA, was the Gown Ball. Under the coordination of Miss Stacy Hamilton e Miss Toni Nightingale.

Transgender Pride Day

In the Real Life, “The Man” determined