She Has Many Talents

When she first came to SL in 2008, she was not completely comfortable. Preferred to change and be herself, not pretending be a female

She is Miss Karma Breen, The Dean of Academics in Emasculata Academy

This is how she defines herself;

“Karma is a pre-op transgendered female who was raised in a strict religious environment. Slight, fair and effeminate as a young boy, she was teased and bullied from adolescence through her early teen years. After sophomore year, she left home to live with an understanding Aunt and female cousin. Karma began hormone therapy, underwent breast enhancement surgery and started living as a female.”

“My decision not to have SRS mirrors my RL situation”

“Being transgender is a bigger turn-on to men, probably because we're unique; we have the male perspective with all the feminine qualities as well, the best of both worlds”

She started looking around SL for places and groups that were targeted to T-Girls. She found that most of the T-Girl places were just sex spots. But also found some nice T-Girl friendly clubs.

Founded the Group “The Sexy T-Girls of Second Life”, to bring like-minded people together and share info on T-Girl events, places, info, etc.

Started a modeling group for gorgeous T-Girls, Elite T-Girls. “Both groups published calendars and photo books”. The Sexy T-Girls of Second Life group it's still active, the Elite group has pretty much burned out.

One day while searching the SL menus, using keywords like transgender, etc., discovery EA. Was in 2010 that I became active with EA. Start how a Beauty Consultant.

“I've found that I enjoy teaching young boys, who want to express their femininity. My experience and knowledge of the male desire to become female gives me the insight and ability to share the experience with the students.

I want to make the Emasculata experience as real as possible.”

How most of the original staff had left, she approached Miss Candi about getting more involved.

“She had limited time to devote to EA and was supportive of me”.

Miss Karma developed a curriculum, hired some staff and went about building our student enrollment. This has made EA had a steady stream of students and several graduates who have gone on to work for EA.

The majority of new students are boys inexperienced with the world of femininity. Their understanding of being female is sparse. Dreaming is a girl, unable to act on that in RL. Many RL crossdressers most married. , The EA experience allows them to fulfill their dreams.

By mixing SL fantasy and RL information, they're able to "become" female, and understand being female”

Emasculata Academy course emulate a four year college, freshman through senior levels. EA's curriculum is appropriate for any level of being feminine. Our students learn mainly because we stress thinking, understanding and acting realistically female. It's a blending of dreams and real information. The two that makes it compelling, enjoyable and informative.

Our curse starting with appearance and layering emotions, understanding, actions over that. We offer the information and instruction for someone to transform themselves completely that's what many students, perhaps most, want, so, we prepare them to live, pass and function as a female.

Some students don't wish to "go all the way", however, they're armed with the same information and it's equally useful.

There are a lot of beautiful women in SL (and RL, but not many as "special" as we are. Looking feminine is easy, acting, thinking, feeling isn't.

These are some of the plans that Miss Karma makes for the future:

EA will continue to grow and diversify. We'll offer a Graduate Program for continued education. The clinic services offered downstairs has been expanded with the addition of the Maternity Hospital. Dr Erin Taylor has been a tremendous asset to the faculty.

Continued growth and diversification is EA future. This future will opens employment opportunities as well, for those interested in Teaching, Medicine, Psychology, Modeling, etc.

My personal standpoint, said Miss Karma:
Doing something you enjoy makes the entire SL experience more enjoyable and more fulfilling.
How many times can you have sex?
Shopping can get very expensive.
So, this interaction at EA keeps me stimulated
We're lucky to have an organization and activities to keep people engaged.


  1. I really enjoyed this. Thanks Marta, and love you Miss Karma.

  2. A delightful and interesting piece about Dean Karma. Keep up the great work Marta!