Emasculata Academy  
Prepares "new women" thru a full suite of cooperative feminization classes and treatments... serving sissies, fembois, transgendered, transsexuals and unwilling males. 

Installed in a modern and beautiful mansion, Emasculata Academy (EA), is a finishing school for sissy and TG boys who wish to become more feminine, in various levels, or until  fully transition to womanhood.

The entire course takes about four or five months, where is applied a "Collaborative Feminization Education Program".  This program has four levels, consisting of four lectures and a final in each level. EA has also a full medical and counseling team for the physical and emotional aspects of transition. At the end of the course is formed a new “Yong Lady”.
EA is much more than a Finish School; they are a community that cultivates tolerance and good relationships among their members. A Family.
The Staff of this school are Doctor Erin Taylor Surgeon, Physician, Chief of staff and a graduate of EA, Doctor Alexandra Shay Medical director, Miss Ditsey Swift Lead teacher, among others.